Most Ridiculous ‘Would You Rather’ Questions

‘Would you rather’ is a superb way of ascertaining the weirdness that is the real self. Since you’ll be able to run from ‘would you rather’, but believe me, you can not conceal….


1. Could you rather have sex with horrible individual a hideously or a wonderful, fresh corpse?

2. Would you rather go bright purple when embarrassed or perspiration so much you soak your clothing?

3. Would you rather fart every time you laugh or burp every time you cry?

4. Would you kill your parents or eat your family pet?

5. Can you see your other half in a porn video or your parents?

6. Can you utilize their toothbrush or rather wear someone else’s dirty knickers?

7. Would you rather have a 1-minute conversation with your previous self or your future self?

8.Should you were able to reincarnate yourself, would you rather return as a human or an animal?

9. Can you rather be always itchy or constantly tacky?

10.Would you rather spend the day wearing wet socks or spend the day using a popcorn kernel?

11. Can you have another person lick your armpit or rather lick someone’s armpit?

12. Can you have people watch you have sex or consistently rather not be continuously clothed?

13. Can you rather be just friends with someone you adore or marry someone you hate?

14.Can you be born with a giraffe neck or an elephant trunk?

15. Would you rather never leave the country or leave and not keep coming back?

16. Would you eat a few of wasps or poison ivy?

17.Would you rather crap yourself a year in public or every day in private?

18. Can you rather have vaginas in your armpits or an armpit between your legs?

19.Can you rather possess a bell go off each time you are horny or never get horny?

20. Can you solve your biggest regret or rather fulfill your largest wish?

21. Could you rather be a magician or a superhero?

22. Would you rather be a feminine guy or a masculine woman?

23. Can you rather have an STI and never pass on it or have everyone believe you’ve got an STI?

24. Would you rather give birth pain-free through the mouth area or painfully through your vagina?

25.Would you rather be unbelievably dumb or quite hideous and amazingly beautiful and super intelligent?

26. Could you rather shout all of the time or whispers on a regular basis?

27. Could you rather be a tree that could feel pain or a snail that will never die?

28. Would you be home busted up or rather be a homewrecker?

29.Can you rather do not have to pee again or never need to shit again?

30.Could you ask them to see the texts you sent about them or rather see the texts your ex-wrote about you?

31. Can you rather eat an entire tub of butter or an entire jar of mayo?

32.Would you rather be a genius that nobody considers or an idiot that everybody considers? [Read More: 15 Really Fun Would You Rather Questions]

33. Would you rather possess the finest house in a bad neighborhood or the worst house in a neighborhood that is fancy?

34. Can you be a member of the Obama family or a member of the Kardashian family?

35. Can you rather live in the white house or Buckingham palace?

36. Can you rather eat shit or chocolate flavored shit -flavored chocolate?

37.Can you rather shit on someone or have someone shit on you?

38. Could you rather have nipple sized fingers or finger sized nipples?

53. Could you rather live without music or live without television?

54. Would you rather have diarrhea throughout your wedding ceremony or on your wedding night?

55. Can you rather live your life over as the contrary sex or begin your life as a child again?

56. Would you rather have a 2- inch manhood or man boobs?

57. Would you rather sit on a cock and eat cake (up to your butt) or sit on a cake and eat a dick?

58. Would you make out together or rather pole dance nude for your parents?

59. Could you rather lick a condom that is strangers or eats a handful maggots?

60. Would you rather die fast or slowly?